Benefits of Pet Boarding vs. Pet Sitters

Benefits of Pet Boarding vs. Pet Sitters

Do you need to leave town for an urgent family, business, or holiday trip? While you are away, who will ensure that your animal companion receives the best care in your absence? When arranging care for your pet while you are away, it is normal to focus on what will help your furry friend feel happy, comfortable, and safe. 

In most homes, the pet is like a family member. The companionship and joy pets provide are quite rare in other relationships. Most pet owners would like to take their animal companions everywhere they go. Unfortunately, this is impractical in most cases. That is why it is important to look for a viable option that will make both you and your pet happy and comfortable.

Choosing Between Pet Boarding and a Pet Sitter

Fortunately, for both short and long stays, pet owners can turn towards the assistance of pet boarding facilities or an experienced pet sitter. To choose between the two options, you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option. It is important to determine how your animal friend will do with each option.

Pet Boarding

Most pet owners dislike the idea of leaving their animal companions in a boarding facility. They usually imagine such facilities as impersonal, noisy, huge spaces that do not cater to pets’ emotional desires and needs. In truth, however, modern pet boarding facilities are amazing spaces designed to meet the emotional and physical needs of all pets. 

Furthermore, some animals, such as dogs, seem to enjoy their time at such facilities due to the stimulation provided in new ways. 

Benefits of Pet Boarding Over Pet Sitting

Some of the most significant advantages of pet boarding over hiring a pet sitter include:

  • Pet sitters usually come to exercise, feed, and care for pets for a few hours. Boarding facilities, on the other hand, provide constant care.
  • While pet sitters may love and care about animals, most lack the professional training and experience required to provide excellent care for animals. The employees at pet boarding facilities, however, are better able to care for animals and detect subtle cues thanks to their training and experience. 

Hiring a Pet Sitter

A pet sitter can give pet owners peace of mind while providing companionship and quality care for their pets. When you choose to leave your pet at home, a pet sitter can temporarily care for your pet and provide the necessities while you are away. A pet sitter can also help your pet maintain its daily routines.

The Better Option 

You may assume that allowing your pet to stay at home where they are familiar and where you can have a pet sitter come is the best option. However, this inclination does not consider the fact that without you being at home, your home will not feel the same for your pet. 

Also, you know your pet better than anyone else and can tell when something is bothering them. On the other hand, even the most caring pet sitter with the best intentions may not detect when something is wrong. Your pet may end up feeling less happy, comfortable, and safe in your home in your absence than they would in a boarding facility. 

To understand the differences between pet boarding and pet sitters, visit 4 Paws Veterinary Hospital at our office in Duffield, Virginia. You can call (276) 431-4838 today to schedule an appointment.

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