Everything You Need to Know About Boarding Your Pet

Everything You Need to Know About Boarding Your Pet

According to the Humane Society of the United States, pet owners should always ensure their pets’ safety and health. This is usually a dilemma if there are circumstances that prevent you from taking your furry companion with you on your travels. In case you cannot get someone to care for your pet, you should consider leaving your cat or dog at a pet boarding facility. If you need to entrust your pet to the care of professionals, here’s everything you must know about boarding your pet.

Do Your Homework

Weeks before your trip, start looking for credible pet boarding facilities in your area. You can ask your veterinarian, friends, and family about a place that’s right for your pet. There are facilities you can find online as well. Make sure to create a list of those that you find most appealing. Once you complete your list, take the time to visit each facility. Find out if each has a veterinarian who is available on call. Talk to the staff and see if you like their attitude toward caring for animals. Evaluate the safety and cleanliness of the enclosures. See if the temperature is well-regulated too.

Walk the Grounds

Since you’re already in the facility, tour the property. Check for reinforced fences, clean grounds, and interactive structures for pets. It’s also important that there is ample space for your pet to run and play.

Update Your Pet’s Vaccines

The most common rule in pet boarding facilities is to update your pets’ vaccinations. Every vaccine, including rabies and kennel cough, should reflect on the updated vaccination record. You should bring this record with you on the day you go to the pet boarding facility you choose. That way, you could register your pet right away. To be sure that your pet’s vaccines are updated, check with your veterinarian.

Choose a Single Room

Although your pet is highly socialized, being in an unfamiliar place without you may be too stressful for your pet. In a single room, your pet can have the chance to calm down. Just make sure that the space has familiar toys and scents from home.

Request for Live Streaming

There are boarding facilities that give you the option of accessing an online live streaming channel. This exclusive channel will show you how your pet is doing in real-time. Checking on your pet regularly this way can settle your mind while you are apart.

Prepare Your Pet’s Needs

Pack your pet’s food, supplements, bed, blanket, collar, leash, and medications (if any). Also, pack one piece of your clothing that has your scent. That way, your dog can find comfort in smelling it while you’re away.

Placing your pet in a reputable boarding facility makes sure that your pet stays safe and healthy while you’re traveling. Here at 4Paws Veterinary Hospital, our experience, knowledge, and training help us take good care of your pets’ health and well-being. You can visit our clinic in Duffield, Virginia, for an in-person consultation. Also, please call us at 276-431-4838. That way, we can help schedule your appointment or answer your questions about our pet boarding packages.

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