Pet sitter vs. Kennels – Which is best for your pet?

Pet sitter vs. Kennels – Which is best for your pet?


As a pet parent, you undoubtedly feel a lot of pressure to make the right decisions for your pet. This applies to various areas of their life; from the food, they eat to the preventative care that they receive. If you need to find temporary care for your pet at any point, such as if you are going on vacation, having your home remodeled or going into hospital, you will also want to be sure that you choose the right solution that ensures that they will receive the care they need and deserve whilst you are apart.


When deciding what to do about temporary care for pets, most owners are faced with the choice of a pet sitter or placing their pet into kennels for the duration of their time apart. But, how do you know which is right for your pet? To help you make this difficult decision, here’s what you need to know about both of these options.  


Choosing a pet sitter

A pet sitter is a person that comes into your home to look after your pet. Some pet sitters will live permanently in your home for the duration of the time that you need them, whilst others will visit intermittently to give your pet the care that is needed. Since felines are generally more independent and can usually manage with just visits where they are fed and perhaps let in/out of your property, most dogs love being around people and quickly become lonely if left on their own for too long. Dogs also have more complex needs during the day, requiring walking at least twice, feeding and social interaction.


The main benefit of choosing a pet sitter over kennels is that your furbaby can remain in their usual environment. This is particularly valuable for pets who suffer from anxiety and/or ill health but can help to reduce the stress associated with kennels which can affect any animal. Often, pet sitters are able to adhere to your pet’s usual routine, and they will be able to take your furbaby to your preferred veterinarian who has your pet’s medical records should the need arise. Since there will be no ‘strange’ animals around, your pet will be able to command attention and get the engagement that they need from a human.   


When it comes to choosing a pet sitter, choose wisely. Not all pet sitters are necessarily trained in looking after animals. You should also make sure that you choose someone with plenty of experience and who will be able to provide the specific care your furbaby needs. For example, if your pet requires daily medication, it will be crucial that you find a pet sitter capable of offering this service.


About kennels

Kennels are one of the names used to describe a boarding facility that is designed to temporarily accommodate animals in the event that their owners are unable to care for them. They are run like professional businesses. Whilst kennels tend to be used to describe care for dogs, there are plenty of boarding facilities for cats, small mammals, and even reptiles and birds.


Each boarding facility tends to be designed specifically for the purpose of providing accommodation for animals. Most have individual cubicles for each animal since they should be kept living primarily alone. There will also likely be communal areas for exercise and socialization should you wish for your pet to be involved in these. Some boarding facilities also offer services such as preventative care, grooming and even training as additional extras on top of your pet’s basic care.  


Many people prefer to leave their pets in kennels because they know that their fur baby will be looked after by trained, experienced and dedicated professionals. They will understand animals and their needs and be passionate about meeting them.  Most kennels have standard operating procedures to follow relating to every aspect of your pet’s care, including:

-          When and how they are fed

-          What they are fed (this will be agreed with you in advance)

-          Cleaning the accommodations

-          Providing exercise

-          Mental stimulation

-          Pet interaction

-          Health requirements before an animal are allowed entry

-          Administering medications

-          What to do should your pet become ill


You will be able to ask questions about each of these when you come to choosing which boarding facility is right for your pet, and the answers will help to reassure you of how your pet will be cared for in your absence.




If you would like more information about pet sitting services and kennels, our team would be delighted to help. Please contact us at your convenience.

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