Top Benefits of Spaying and Neutering your Pets

Top Benefits of Spaying and Neutering your Pets


As a responsible pet owner, it is down to you to make all of the decisions relating to the health and overall welfare of your pet. One of the most important that you will make will be whether to spay/neuter your pet. Spaying and neutering both refer to the surgical procedure used to remove the reproductive organs of an animal, although spaying tends to be used to describe the process in females, whilst neutering is often used to describe it, males. Spaying and neutering are the most common elective veterinary procedures in the United States, with countless owners making the responsible decision for their pets to undergo this straightforward procedure that requires minimal hospitalization and offers life-long advantages for your pet’s health and wellbeing.


Still not sure that spaying/neutering is the best thing for your pet? Read on to see the top benefits of this important elective veterinary procedure.


Spaying could help your female live longer

Spaying your female, particularly before her first heat, has been shown to prevent both uterine infections and breast cancer. The latter is particularly important since breast cancer has a fatality rate of 50% in canines and 90% in felines.


Your female won’t go into heat

Heat cycles happen more often than you might expect, with most females experiencing 4-5 days in heat every 3 weeks during the breeding season. During this time not only will your female experience bloody discharge which you may find around your home, but they will also yowl to try and attract the attention of a mate. She will also urinate more frequently and will be a lot less fussy about where she goes, leading to more mess!


Your female pet won’t get pregnant

Obviously, one of the biggest reasons to get your pet spayed is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Baby animals may be extremely cute, but they are also extremely hard work with many people liken caring for them to looking after triplets or more! They are also expensive, and you will be responsible for ensuring that they are healthy and then finding new homes for them. By getting your pet spayed, you can avoid the time, expense and effort of an unwanted pregnancy. You can also ensure that your pet doesn’t experience pregnancy and birth-related complications.


Neutering has health benefits for males too

Male animals can also experience health benefits as a result of being neutered. For example, males who are neutered are less likely to experience prostate problems and the risk of testicular cancer is eliminated.


Your male will behave better

Male animals tend to have a habit of becoming a bit naughty during the mating season and an unneutered male will do just about anything in order to find a mate. This includes roaming away from the home, fighting with other animals and spraying urine in order to mark their territory – which they will do around your home. Some will even experience aggression. These behaviors can be dramatically improved by getting your male neutered.


Spaying/neutering is cost-effective

Many people worry about the cost of having their pet spayed/neutered. However, it is much less expensive than the expense involved in caring for a pregnant animal or raising a litter of babies. Many veterinary practices offer discounts on this service too, so it is worth enquiring. The reason for this is because they are supporting the fight against pet overpopulation.


Spaying/neutering is a morally responsible decision

There are millions of animals living in shelters across the country and countless more suffering on the streets as strays. This huge overpopulation problem is often the result of unplanned pregnancy and the desire for baby animals over adults. Unfortunately, a large percentage of animals are also euthanized every year because there just isn’t the money/space to accommodate them. By choosing to spay/neuter your pet, you are making an important morally responsible decision to not contribute towards the overpopulation crisis.



If you would like to learn more about the benefits of spaying/neutering your pet or to schedule this procedure for your precious pet, please contact our veterinary hospital today.


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