Top Tips for Keeping Pets Safe This Summer

Top Tips for Keeping Pets Safe This Summer

The American Humane is aware of how easy pets can overheat and suffer from other issues during summer. Pets need more attention during the hot months, that is why responsible pet owners should take proper precautions. If you want to find out effective ways on how to keep your pets safe this summer, here is what you should know.

Heartworm and Ectoparasite Check

Mansonia, Aedes, or Anopheles species of mosquito can transmit heartworm disease. Just one bite from a carrier mosquito can infect your pet. These insects come out more often during the hot months. Bringing your pet in for an early checkup can help you prepare for your pet’s health before summer comes.

A heartworm check and preventive medication can keep your pet safe from this life-threatening disease. At the clinic, your vet can also inspect your pet for ticks and fleas. Tick preventives are available at the vet’s clinic. This will help protect your pet during your upcoming summer vacation.

Make Cooling Corners in Your Home

Pets often have places to cool down inside their home. Find out where they go when it is hot and create a haven there. Place an extra fan and a cooling mat. Also, place a small drinking fountain there and some ice cubes. Some cut-up frozen fruit can also help cool them down. Keeping the air conditioning on can also keep your pets cool and calm during summer.

Keep Them Inside

Playing outdoors is fun but not all the time. Summer brings intense heat and exposes pets to parasites. You should keep your pets inside during the hottest hours of the day. Bring them out for a short while when it is a little cooler, such as a short walk and a supervised play date.

Always Give Them Fresh Water

Keeping your pet hydrated and cool is ideal during summer. Pets tend to dehydrate right away if they do not have quick access to water. As a pro tip, fill a ceramic bowl with cold, freshwater. Metal bowls tend to get hot especially if you place them outside.

Protect Their Paws

Walking on scorching hot sand or pavement on a hot summer day is torture for human feet. The same goes for paws. You can walk on grass instead. Better yet, give your pets protective booties. Apply paw balm on your pet’s paws when you get home. This will moisturize the paw pads and prevent them from cracking.

Give Your Furkid a Trim

Long-haired pet breeds should get a summer haircut. A trim will do. Never shave your pet down. Long fur is there to protect your pet from overheating and sunburn. A bald pet is not a safe pet during summer.

Provide a Life Jacket

Remember, not all pets can swim. Some pets love swimming, while others do not. That is why fitting your pet with a life jacket is a priority if you want to go swimming, boating, or fishing.

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