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Your pet’s teeth are just as important to his health and wellbeing as your own are to you. Nevertheless, pet dental health tends to be an aspect of care that is regularly overlooked by owners. Unfortunately, if you don’t prioritize looking after your pet’s teeth, he could end up in unnecessary pain, suffering from infection and even experiencing tooth loss. Studies have also found that there is a definitive link between poor oral hygiene and an increased risk of developing health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer – and this applies to pets as well as humans.

To help you support your pet’s oral health we are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive range of dental services at our veterinary hospital based in Duffield, VA. Our pet dental care services are carried out with the aim of preserving your pet’s teeth and oral health for as long as possible. Some of the services that we are able to offer to include the following:

Oral health checks

Your pet will benefit from regular oral health checks as much as you do. These appointments are designed for us to perform regular assessments of your pet’s teeth and overall oral health. Using close monitoring, we are usually able to spot developing problems fairly on, enabling us to suggest changes or treatment that prevent them from becoming painful or debilitating or requiring extensive or expensive treatment. Exactly how often we will see your pet will depend on his individual needs.

Professional dental cleaning

One of the best ways to keep your pet’s teeth in tip-top condition is to brush them regularly at home. However, we understand that you are still limited in what you can do since it is rarely easy to get animals to completely cooperate and to get into every crevice of their mouth and teeth. Professional dental cleaning, which is usually recommended once each year, is carried out using a general anesthetic. This means that your pet is asleep and has no awareness of what is happening, and it also gives us uncompromised access to his mouth and teeth. This ensures that we can safely and effectively clean every part of his teeth and mouth, giving him a superior clean that will help him retain his teeth for as long as possible.

Diagnosing dental problems

Detecting any sort of medical or dental problem can be a challenging prospect for owners since animals are predisposed to trying to mask signs of pain or illness. However, if you do suspect that your furbaby is experiencing a dental problem, our experienced team can perform a range of diagnostic tests so that we can determine the source of the issue and arrange the appropriate treatment.

Pet dental treatments

If your pet has been diagnosed with a dental problem, treatment will help to preserve his teeth and oral health. The treatments that we can offer pets are not too dissimilar to those that you might receive if you visit your own dentist. These include:

- Cavity fillings

- Extractions

- Antibiotics for infections

- Gum disease treatment

- Restoring damaged teeth

- Oral surgery

- Feline resorption treatment

- Stomatitis treatment

Exactly what treatment your pet will need will be explained to you in detail ahead of time so that you can be as prepared as possible. It may be necessary for your pet to stay overnight and this will be discussed with you.

If your pet hasn’t had a dental check-up recently and you would like to arrange one with our experienced veterinary dentistry team, or for any other help or information, please get in touch with our veterinary hospital in Duffield, VA today by calling (276) 431-4838.

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