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Spay and Neuter

As responsible pet owners, you know the importance of making a calculated decision to take on a pet. Finding the right temperament, size, and the number of pets is a critical focus for most pet owners out there. Unfortunately, many owners fail to recognize the importance of early spay and neuter services to help keep their own homes balanced. Pets that are not “fixed” can rapidly produce a number of offspring that can threaten to overrun your home, neighborhood, and your budget. Call 4 Paws Veterinary Hospital today to ensure a healthy future for your pets today!

Understanding the Need

No matter where you found your pet, whether a pet store, breeder, the local humane society, or because that face walked right up to you, it is important to recognize that there are millions of other pets each year that are not as fortunate. Unfortunately, these pets are often euthanized before they ever had a chance to live out their full lives, but with an overwhelming unwanted pet situation, many towns have no other options.

In addition, the removal of the ovaries or testes helps to reduce the hormone levels of your pet. In turn, this can help to moderate your pet’s behavior and reduce the potential for some types of cancer and uterine infections.

The Process

While there are other options for spay and neutering your pet, most pets only require the standard procedure. An ovariohysterectomy is a term used to describe the process of spaying a female. In this procedure, your veterinarian removes the ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes. This eliminates your female cat or dog from being able to reproduce and also eliminates the heat cycle and the associated behaviors. Many pet owners come into our offices after their animal’s first heat cycle because the behavior and need to keep your pet locked up during that time can be a stress on the entire family.

An orchiectomy is a term for neutering your male cat or dog. This process simply removes the testes from the male and eliminates the ability to reproduce and can reduce or eliminate erratic behavior from these animals too.

Of course, there are other options available for your pets too, so if you would like to discuss your options, contact 4 Paws Veterinary Hospital. We would be happy to discuss the range of options that we provide and discuss the associated benefits and risks of those approaches.

Risks Associated with Spay and Neuter Services

While most pet owners would agree that eliminating the hormones and behaviors associated with animal reproduction is a welcome reprieve, some animals may benefit from those hormones. However, talk with your veterinarian to understand what that really means for your pet. In many cases, the elimination of the hormones can lead to a longer and happier life for your pet.

The spay and neuter surgeries are considered major operations, and there is always a risk of an accident or infection during an operation. However, these procedures are the most commonly performed surgeries that our office completes. At 4 Paws Veterinary Hospital, we have the knowledge and experience that you can trust to make sure that your pet has a safe and effective surgery.

How to Start

Call 4 Paws Veterinary Hospital today and let us know that you are looking at spaying or neutering your pet. We perform a physical exam on your pet and want to understand if they have any other history that may affect the procedure. Once we have completed the exam, we can help recommend the best procedure for your animal.


If you want to continue to enjoy the company of your pet throughout their long life, spay and neutering can be one of the most beneficial things that you do for your animal. Call our offices to schedule your appointment now.

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